First Things First: How Etiquette-Savvy are You?

Welcome to my first post! 

I thought a fun place to start on a blog about changing social etiquette trends would be to take a look at what the current trends are, and even more so, where you stand.

This short quiz covers some of the basic etiquette situations most people encounter  every day, especially on campus. Remember that the ‘correct’ answers are just a reflection of our culture and what I’ve gathered is the socially correct way of doing it.  Along with that, don’t feel bad if you get some or even all of them wrong! Much of social etiquette is highly debatable and often depends on the specific situation. 

So have fun testing yourself and let me know what you think in the comments! 🙂

1.You’re heading towards the door to go into a building. You notice someone coming from the other side to go out: Who goes through the door first?

     A.I do, duh.

B.The person trying to come outside.

C.Um, does it actually matter?

Correct Answer: B      Generally speaking, it is considered polite to let the people inside a building exit before you go inside. The situation is only reversed when if it raining outside, in which case it is polite to let the outside people in first. In any case, bonus points for holding open the door for people.

   2. Which side of the road/sidewalk do you walk on?

A.The right.

B. The left.

C.Depends on what I’m doing (walking jogging)

Correct Answer: A  No matter if it’s the sidewalk or road, the general rule is to walk on the right, pass on the left. This is particularly important for campuses because of the mix of walkers and bike riders.

3.  Bikes vs. Cars vs. Pedestrians: Who has the ultimate right of way?

A.Cars right?

B.It varies on the situation.

C.Always bikes and people.

Correct Answer: First off, it varies on state law. But generally, pedestrians and bicyclists do have the right of way. However, if at an intersection, pedestrians and bicyclists are expected to exercise caution. This means that yes, as a pedestrian it is up to you to check your surroundings and remember that you or your bike will always lose to a car. Always look before you start walking and make sure that all cars have stopped for you. On a bicycle, also momentarily stop before crossing an intersection; some state’s laws won’t protect you if you zoom across an intersection without stopping and get hit by a car.

4. Which of these is an okay place to answer a phone call?

A.The school library

B.At the theater

C.At a bar

Correct Answer:   This is mostly just common sense. Besides the obvious theaters, libraries, nice restaurants, don’t answer your phone if you feel that slight twinge of awkward that is really saying “Um..probs shouldn’t answer this right now.” Listen to that little voice! If it’s an emergency, you can always take it outside.

5. You and a friend are at a party and run into someone that you know but the friend doesn’t. What’s your next move?

A.Wow, really? Introduce them like a normal human being.

B.Leave them alone together in mutual awkward silence.

C.Start talking to the person you know, leaving your friend outta the loop.

Correct Answer: I know, seems obvious, but we often forget to do this small thing. And that can really make your friend feel awkward. Plus, what if it’s someone attractive? Maybe your friend wants to get in on that! So just say “Hey, this is my friend _____,” and add something cool to make your friend look like a baller: “and she’s captain of the volleyball team here.” Instant baller. 😉

So how’d you do? Anything you disagree with, let me know below!



  1. September 13, 2015 / 9:40 pm

    I got three out of five. Guess I am more stumbly then I thought! Love the GIFs and the mustache man!

    • cir7457
      September 13, 2015 / 9:58 pm

      Thanks! I love the mustache man too haha

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