The Social Media Etiquette Bible: Part II

Therefore be careful how you tweet and post, not as unwise men, but as wise.”

                                                                 -Anonymous(real verse here)

Welcome to Part II of the Social Media Etiquette Bible! 

This week, I’ll be discussing common social media mess-ups and quick solutions for them. Keep in mind that these are mostly just little things and everybody makes these little mistakes from time to time. Hey, sometimes even it doesn’t much matter! But if you’re close to graduating or looking for a job or internship, it literally might pay to know some of these things so educate yourself beforehand, yo. Because that’s what Buddy Christ would want.

*Posting something you immediately regret

The Fix: Your first thing to worry about is timeliness. If you can, delete the image or post ASAP or at least make sure that it is hidden from view from everyone but you. If it was something extremely offensive you might want to consider a follow-up post apologizing or explaining your mistake(However, I would only do that in extreme cases where the offensive post was up long enough for people to actually see it).

And honestly, that’s really all you can do. Unfortunately, anything you post online, even after you delete it, can be found if someone knows how to look for it. It’s better to remember this so that next time you’re on the verge of posting something debatable, you might decide, “Urmm,,,yeah, not worth it.”

*You brought up politics on Facebook and now you’ve got a stream of comments a mile long, all apparently hating you and your silly opinions.

First, take a deep breath. Realize that there are people out there who just sit back and tensely wait for a poor sucker like you to bring up a presidential candidate or something so they can pounce. And you’re right, those people truly suck. But, they exist and if you’re going to post about contentious topics like candidates, healthcare, or abortion, God help you they will be out for blood. Your only advantage? You know this already. Seriously, you already know that these people exist and when you post about those type of things, you know there’s a risk that somebody will disagree with you and take you head on. So, you have 2 options: One, know this risk and do it anyway and try your best to emerge from the rabble victorious. Or two, make like me and paint yourself an innocent bystander and let others do the heavy public debating.

*Not using networking sites like LinkedIn to their full potential.

This more applies to those of us who are starting to job search or look for internships. Firstly, if you are starting to breach the waters of professionalism, you really should have a LinkedIn. Not only does it let you create a showy profile that lets you display all your credentials to possible employers, but you can also build a web of support through other people you know. One thing I use it for that’s very helpful is I follow companies that I’m interested in so that when they start posting about internship listings, I’ll be one of the first to see that! Even if you are on LinkedIn, start checking out other’s profiles and get a good idea of what a stand out profile looks like.

Here’s an easy tip: Think of a friend or someone your age who you know has been super successful. Like, how the heck is he getting all this good stuff thrown his way successful. Then, go check out his LinkedIn profile, cuz I can bet he has one. THEN, use his as a template for your own! If you want to be successful, first you gotta know what success looks like.

*Lastly, posting something that is waaaaaayyyyy toooooo loooooooooooooooong.

Like, that right there even annoyed me. But you know what I mean, nobody really wants to read a super long Facebook post. Thank goodness, that’s not a thing on Twitter but when FB posting, remember that the shorter the better. Because apparently now the average human attention span is less than your average goldfish’s. No joke, check it out here.

  Alright y’all, got another mistake you see a lot that I missed? Comment it up! 

And check back next week for our next post, sure to be very stumbly.


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