5 Reasons Why Spring is the Best Season

If you’re like me, winter is just a strugglebus of a season where you constantly dream of spring. Honestly, December is the only winter month I enjoy; it all goes downhill until late March for me.

While there are many reasons to love spring, I think we can all agree that there are a few main reasons that nearly everyone can agree on.


  1. Flowers start to pop up everywhere and you can actually grow things. Who doesn’t love being able to plant and nurture a flower? Okay, there’s probably a lot of people who hate gardening but for those of us who kinda like it, spring is the season! pexels-photo-103127
  2. It starts to get warmer, but it’s not mid-summer level heat where your face feels like its melting.Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
  3. Rain and more rain! I know rain can be icky if you’re dressed up nice and on your way to a fancy shindig, but any other time, rain is a blessing. Get out your rain boots!pexels-photo-625644
  4. It’s wedding and festival season! Some people may groan a bit about wedding season and okay, I get you, but weddings are usually beautiful affairs. So long as nobody makes a badly-timed declaration during the best man’s speech. And spring festivals are great! Music festivals, health and wellness festivals, you name it, they got it these days.pexels-photo-394545
  5. Here comes the sun! It starts to get much lighter throughout the day in spring, which means you can get out of work at 5 and still have a few hours of sunlight. The more of an adult you are, the more this will fascinate you.

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