Why You Should Give Yoga a Chance

I just realized the other day I haven’t written in quite a few weeks, geez. I could blame the lapse on my recent obsession with a certain book series, or the fact that I’ve done a lot of weekend traveling recently, but the truth really is that I haven’t been feeling inspired at all lately.

Feeling constantly inspired is an unreachable goal, I’ve realized. There’s weeks I have tons of ideas and there’s weeks where I don’t want to do anything but sit on the couch and read words instead of writing them. But I think it’s important to remember that seeking passion is a lifelong quest; sometimes it’s there, and sometimes it’s not. And our passions change, for sure.

For example, yoga used to be an enigma to me. It seemed like a waste of time, like, I’m going to hold a few poses here and there and feel magically more relaxed after? My first yoga session was at a camp and the only thing I remember thinking was that the instructor’s long red hair kept getting in his way. (He was doing the hipster thing before it was cool.)

But today is a different story. Today, I go to hot yoga every week and I feel out of sorts if I skip. I’ve finally realized that yoga has several health benefits and I’m glad I gave it a real chance.

Here’s why you should give yoga a chance too:

Flexibility isn’t just for 9 year olds in gymnastics

I used to be about as flexible as a stick flung into the mud. As in, if I tried to bend my body around, I would just kind of lean to one side until I fell over. Today, I can say things have much improved since I started doing yoga regularly. I am immensely proud of the fact that I can now touch my forehead to my things when I stretch my legs. Still can’t so the splits though, my hips are too uptight for that crap. Overall though, I’ve seen some major improvement in my flexibility. I can go deeper into poses than I could a year ago and I’m less afraid of trying poses that are *challenging*. Like head stands and inversions. (Though to be honest, I still have a healthy amount of fear for them.)

Leave all the shit behind

Every hot yoga session, my instructor tells us to leave it all on the mat, and that we should pat ourselves on the back for taking this time to ourselves. It is damn hard these days to find time to relax and empty your mind of all the crap going on in your life. Yoga is a great way to escape for an hour from work stress, family concerns, or whatever else is bugging you. You’d be surprised how much difference an hour of peace and concentration can make.

You don’t have to be Hercules

Yoga is a gem of a workout because you can do it no matter your fitness level, if you’re a Hercules or a Wimpy. (Popeye, anyone?) The usual make-up of the class I attend is like maybe 6 incredibly in shape people and the rest of us are trying. I count myself in the group of people who are trying really hard. I feel better knowing that most of us there are your average people trying to creatively get fitter. Yoga isn’t a competitive atmosphere, like the barbell section at the gym; it’s a practice that encourages growth at your own pace.

What kind of yoga you do is entirely a personal choice. Some people absolutely loathe hot yoga because the idea of sweating profusely in 105 degree rooms sounds like their own personal hell. However, there’s tons of options when it comes to yoga. There’s yoga for lazy people (google ‘savasana’), yoga for couples, yoga for people who want to dangle from the ceiling (aerial yoga)…..if you’re willing to give it a shot, there’s a yoga for you.

Just don’t be the fool who forgets to bring a towel to hot yoga.

Namaste, friends.


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