3 Apps That Can Help You With Self-care

I love how self-care is getting more attention lately, even though taking care of yourself is an essential part of life. It’s important to take time to think about how we can make time for self-care during our busy lives.

While practicing self-care can be as simple as doing a weekly face mask or getting extra sleep every night, it can be fun to try new things to keep you accountable. For this, I’ve tried a few self-care apps that give me reminders to prioritize myself.

These three apps below have been the most helpful in my journey to become more healthy and take time to practice self-care. Check them out and see if they help with your self-care routine!

Plant Nanny

unnamedPlant Nanny helps you up your daily intake of water. First, you enter your weight and activity level ad the app tells you how much water you should aim to drink every day. Then, you choose out a cute cartoon plant to take care of. Every time you drink water to go toward your daily goal, the plant grows! It’s a cute, fun way to remind yourself to drink water and doesn’t take up a lot of your time.


Breathe is a super positive app that sends you daily reminders to just breathe. Like many meditation apps, you get to choose how many times a day you want reminders to breathe. You also get to choose little mantras for the app to send you with your reminders…you can even write your own mantras!


intext sweatcoinSweatcoin pays you in ‘sweatcoins’ for every step you take! The app links to your fitness tracker or your phone to count your steps every day, and then pays you in sweatcoins. Sweatcoins can be exchanged for real goods, such as discounts to subscription boxes, electronics and even Amazon gift cards. Since the app collects automatically, I just leave it on my phone in the background and after just a few months I already have more than $100 in Sweatcoins.

Have you tried these apps before? Let me know if you have any other self-care apps you like in the comments!



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