OwlCrate Unboxing: Power of Illusions

Note: Serious spoilers below! If you’re an OwlCrate subscriber and you haven’t gotten your December box yet, don’t read this post! (Unless you don’t mind spoilers.)

Holy cow, dodging spoilers for this box was so, so hard. It seemed like almost everybody got their box before I did so I was avoiding bookstagrams like the plague.

But what an awesome box! I loved almost every single item in the December box; I can tell OwlCrate really tries to up their game with every box. I was especially excited to take pictures of this box underneath my Christmas tree!

The Book: Amber & Dusk by Lyra Selene

I hadn’t heard of this book before OwlCrate started teasing this box. When they mentioned the synopsis, I managed to do a bit of googling and found out it was this book. The book tells the story of a girl named Sylvie who has the power to make illusions with her hands. While she grows up on the edges of a sunlit world, she yearns to travel to the heart of the kingdom to join the Amber Empress’ entourage of powerful legacies, other people with powers like Sylvie’s. But grasping for power among a killer court is easier said than done. 

I just started into the book yesterday, so I don’t have much of a read on it yet. However, the storytelling and language is gorgeous so I can’t wait to read more.

The Goodies:

The Lunar Queen candle: This candle, from small business candle-maker Fick the Wick, is based on Queen Levana from The Lunar Chronicles series. I’ve used it a few times already and it smells so good!

Ornament: Isn’t this wooden ornament amazing? I had to put it on my tree right away. It’s based off of the world of The Crown’s Game.

Magnet: This cute magnet is based off of a quote from The Night Circus. I really loved this item because I can always use more magnets and I loved that book.

Book tote bag: The tote bag was inspired by Legend from the Caraval series, which I actually just read so it was awesome to see this item. I can’t wait to carry my books back and forth from the library in this bag.

Reading planner: This was my favorite item in the box! I never knew I needed a reading planner but as soon as I saw this, I knew what I had been missing. It helps you organize your TBR and reviews.

Amber pendant necklace: Second favorite item in the box! This was the publisher’s item that came with the book and it was such a good idea. I wore it to work the next day.

Exclusive excerpt of King of fools by Amanda Foody: This was the only item I was a bit disappointed with, as I haven’t read this series before so having an excerpt from the next book just didn’t do anything for me. That said, I’m sure some readers out there were thrilled with it.

Like I said, I loved this box overall and I can’t wait for January’s Magical Artifacts box!


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