Top 10 Tuesday: Books I’m on the Fence About

Once hosted by The Broke and The Bookish, it is now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. It’s a weekly book feature where a topical list-prompt is posted and readers respond with their top ten for that prompt.

And yes, I am a solid week behind. I’m hoping maybe one day I’ll catch up.

Chain of Gold (basically anything Cassandra Clare)


Sorry, I know this is a mighty unpopular opinion but I’ve just never been able to get myself on the wagon with this universe. I get curious every once in a while but I’m not convinced making it through the series is worth it.

Gilded Wolves(on my shelf)91sqekdXiJL

I’ve heard such a mixed bag of reviews on this one. Some people say it’s the bee’s knees, others say it’s a Six of Crows knockoff. (Ouch, ya’ll.) I will probably get around to reading it some day.

Crown of Feathers81Porcxi1sL

I’ll be getting this one with my next OwlCrate but I don’t know, the plot sounds a bit hokey to me. My first thought about people riding phoenixes is “ow, are things burning?”

The Cerulean29751998

This one has an intriguing plot but it also sounds just so freaky. I just don’t know.

The Beautiful42265183

I love Renee Ahdieh’s books so this one I’m optimistic about. That said, I don’t know if the YA world needs another vampire book. I’m just about vampired out so it would have to be really good.

Crescent City

I’m one of those Maas trash people so I will be getting this book either way. However, I was really let down by ACOFAS so this is the chance to start a new thing. If it sucks, I’ll probably be done reading Maas.

House of Salt and Sorrows39679076

I just started an ARC of this one the other day and so far it’s….okay. I usually like fairy-tale retellings but I haven’t been pulled in yet.

Never-Contented Things819dX-BlghL

Ugh, another ARC on my TBR that I haven’t gotten to yet. I have seen reviews calling this book really dark and somewhat disturbing so I’m pretty apprehensive.

Three Dark Crowns series41nhwSZQA7L._SX328_BO1204203200_

Everyone seems to be crazy for these books and I just don’t get the hype. It’s just one of those that doesn’t intrigue me enough to start the series.

Smoke in the Sun9781524738143_p0_v1_s550x406

Here I am, saying I’m a huge Renee Ahdieh fan but there is one exception: Flame in the Mist and its sequel. For me, Flame in the Mist was a huge miss. I just didn’t connect to the characters emotionally at all, so I don’t really care what happens from here on out.

What books are you currently on the fence about?


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  1. agreatreviewer
    February 12, 2019 / 3:58 pm

    I’m with you on The Cerulean but since I have an ARC I am going to give it a shot, eventually! I feel the same about The Smoke in the Sun! Flame in the Mist was kind of middle ground for me but leaning more towards the meh. I didn’t have access to the glossary that I soon learned was in the back when I read my eARC and all the new Japanese vocab made me totally confused plus other storytelling details. Though I SOOOO want to read The Beautiful! I for one can never have enough vampires! In my eyes there wasn’t enough after Twilight ruined it all! Lol. Salt and Sorrows is one I am really excited about since The 12 Dancing Princesses was a big favorite of mine growing up!

    Great picks all around! Hope you decide to read some of them!

    Here’s my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

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