2 Nonfiction Books I’m Loving


While my main M.O.’s are young adult lit, fantasy and romances, I sometimes like to spice things up with an interesting nonfiction book.

This last week, I’ve been really interested in self-help books that relate to emotions and motivation in the workplace. Not just because I think it will be helpful for work but also because a lot of these skills can be used outside of work too!


Everything is Negotiable by Meg Myers Morgan

Meg Myers Morgan is a professor at the University of Oklahoma and studies career advancement and public policy. Her book explains how everything is negotiable and that by realizing this, women can get more of what they want. She goes through five tactics for getting what you want in life, love and work. I appreciate how she works in humor and uses personal stories to illustrate her points. I’ve already related to a lot of what she says!


No Hard Feelings: The Secret Power of Embracing Emotions at Work by Liz Fosslien and Mollie West Duffy

Many of us have been told or experienced that you’re not supposed to show emotions at work in order to look professional. However, Duffy and Fosslien make the case that showing emotion at work can be professional and also help you better connect with your coworkers and boss. This book is split into manageable chunks and has lots of cute and funny graphics to help you understand the content. I highly recommend it to anybody struggling at their job or who wants to know how they can be more authentic at work.



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