My Top 5 Fantasy/Paranormal Authors

Since I was young, fantasy has been my favorite genre to read because anything can happen, and authors can easily tie in other themes such as romance, adventure, and mystery! While there are so many great authors out there, this week I wanted to highlight five that, in my opinion, are killing it with nearly every book they put out.

If you like fantasy and paranormal novels, you might like these authors too!

48206Karen Marie Moning

KMM wrote the first book that ever made me cry and almost angry throw it against a wall, and for that, her books will always have a special place in my heart. (For reference, the book was Shadowfever in her Fever series, in which something big happens and it gave me feels like never before.) I first found KMM back in early high school browsing the adult section at the library. I happened upon a well-loved paperback with a burly man in a kilt on the cover–ooh! My curious teenage mind couldn’t resist and well, that book was more than I bargained for when it comes to adult topics, but hey, at least it was informative and set high expectations for romance for me. But even though her Highlander series is gold, the crown jewel is her Fever series, a dark, semi-apocalyptic story of a woman fighting fae monsters and trying to find out what happened to her missing sister.

My favorite book pick: Shadowfever

4428Kresley Cole

KC writes paranormal, alpha male smut and I am so here for it. Her stories aren’t just smut for smut’s sake though; hers are full-blown love stories, often filled with adventure, interesting locations, and magic. Even neater, her Immortals After Dark stories all fit within the same universe, so the more you read, the more you’ll understand the special connections between characters and races. If you like anything to do with werewolves, vampires, valkyries, demons, and halfies, you’ll love the series. She also has a young adult series that I can’t speak for, if that’s more your speed.

My favorite book pick: Wicked Abyss

2759153Grace Draven

I run hot and cold with Draven’s books. I absolutely loved Master of Crows and Radiance, but Phoenix Unbound was a huge let-down for me. I think fantasy romance writers sometimes struggle with keeping the plot itself interesting while also building a romance. Draven hit this on the mark with the first two but missed it with the last. In MoC and Radiance, the relationship built up beautifully over time. But in Phoenix, the two main protags had next to no chemistry nearly the whole book and then suddenly go nuts for each other in the last quarter of the book. I need my slow burn, man.

My favorite book pick: Master of Crows

4430Sherrilyn Kenyon

Honestly, if you like paranormal, I’d be really surprised if you haven’t read anything by Kenyon. She’s got like a bajillion books out there and multiple series, including the Dark-Hunter series, The League: Nemesis Rising series and the Chronicles of Nick series. I can’t speak for the last one, but the first two are more than enough to keep you busy. The Dark-Hunter series is similar to Cole’s game, in that they often feature mythical man-creatures with (often but not always) human love interests. There are demons, vamps, even dragons. The League series is my favorite though–it focuses on multiple characters within the same universe, although it takes place in space and across various planets.

My favorite book pick: Born of Fury

3433047Sarah J Maas -warning: possible spoiler below-

I am Sarah J Maas trash and that’s okay. While I haven’t been crazy about some of the choices Maas has made in her books, you can’t deny that she knows how to hook you in. And not all of her choices have been bad! For example, while the smut can get silly at times, I admire her for showcasing an abusive relationship and making the real hero more of a surprise. And while I thought A Court of Frost and Starlight was just pointless fluff, I’m excited about her upcoming Crescent City series. I think Maas has good stuff, just might need some tailoring going forward. Writers aren’t born perfect, talent and wisdom takes time!

My favorite book pick: A Court of Mist and Fury


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